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Some useful and interesting links.. Updated regularly !

Need Solar or alternative energy products ?? We are a dealer for Soltek powersource energy products. Let us know what you need and we will get it all set up for you !

One of the best magazines around for Cottagers. This is a must for anyone who loves the outdoors. Unlike many magazines today, this one actually has useful articles and related suppliers. It's not just full of advertisers fluff !!


Another great magazine for the Easteners. Also has some great article on cottage living.

Cabin Life also has some great information and allows even no subscribers to view some of it's content. A great way to introduce you to what they have inside the magazine and show you some of the useful information that you can definitely make use of ifyou are a cabin or home owner.

Looking for some plans for a nice cabin or house? Here is a link to give you some ideas to think about. This site has over 13,000 plans.




Building related product links

- Please note we are continually looking for better performing products to use and offer to our clients. In the building industry as a whole, most trades are resistant to change even when the change is clearly good. Change requires learning new things and new techniques and showing a continued desire to improve the "end product" not just getting the job done and getting paid and moving on. We endeavour to bring new tools and new products to the forefront in our business, employing the best methods possible to complete a project. Many times not only does this result in a better product but it often results in savings for the client because most new products are designed to save time AND improve the final product because that's in everyones' best interest.

  • Big Foot forms - excellent forms for buildings on piers and also deck projects requiring frost line protection
  • Westman Steel - steel roofing and cladding for homes, cottages, barns etc
  • FibaFuse - Paperless drywall tape NOT the square mesh product most people have seen, this is an excellent product. Stronger and less detached paper on seams
  • TRA - Flashing for metal roofing and other roofing products - this is simply the BEST most versatile flashing we've ever seen anywhere ( but you won't find it locally )